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In the meantime, here are just a few of the many many many that I am privileged to have received: 

"The Lokey Event is still generating extremely positive buzz and you can take a great deal of the credit !  Your talent was evident from the moment you picked up your brush and partygoers loved watching the painting's creation.  We loved spending time with you and thank you for imbusing th event with such flair.  Delightful ! best describeds your aura."
  Mary Alice Collins and Karen Wilson,  Creations and Occasions

"Joan took my event from just great to TRULY MEMORABLE !!     Our guests were fascinated by her work and watching the painting  progress. It's not easy to impress the President of Mercedes Benz USA but as you can see in the photo, he too was fully engaged!   We were fortunate to find Joan!!! "
Kevin Cooney,   Balance Marketing Group.

"Joan, thank you for the most magnificent gift a couple could ask for.  Your presence at our wedding added to the magical artistic woodland theme.  The painting itself if a masterpiece and looks incredible in our apartment.  Every time I look at it it reminds me of our magical day.  Thank you for the painting that we will treasure forever ! "  
Natalia Duffy Kornbluth

"Thanks so much – these are lovely!     You’re the best – talk to you soon."
Lisa,    Lisa M. DeLuca,   Senior Catering Manager & Wedding Specialist
Hilton Worldwide,   Doubletree Hotel Philadelphia PA

"You rock, girl !!!   "   Sharon Baker sbaker@teleduction.com

"Hi Joan,   The painting looks great!  You really captured the moment with all the people, flowers, band and the surroundings!  We can truly identify all the people you painted and I know when Lauren and Steve return from Australia, they will be very pleased.Thanks again, "  
-  Anita Wessier, bride's mother.
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"Hi Joan,  Steve and I just returned from our honeymoon. My mom picked us up and showed us the picture of the painting. It is absolutely stunning!!!   I cannot believe how perfectly you captured the essence of everyone and everything. It definitely portrays our perfect night.
Thank you again, you were a wonderful addition to our night and you amazed so many guests as well."  Lauren Wessier Zollo

"Thank you so much, Joan.  We love our painting.  It is already hanging in our house.  My kids love it
too.  We loved watching you paint yesterday at Zachary's Bar Mitzvah.  I can't wait to see their painting.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  I will pass your name on for sure."
- Lisa Jay

"It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to see you do this huge painting at the Mercedes Benz Event. Your process is magic!"  - Wendy Voss

"They told me you were good, but I didn’t realize you were going to be this good."
Wedding guest
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"How beautiful and special.  They will have this forever."

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! The painting is beautiful- really lovely- you totally captured the ceremony!     Rachel and Lee love it and are so happy.
Many many people were asking me about what you do.  Thanks again for being so accommodating. It was a pleasure working with you.. So thanks again! The painting is so impressive, and it is going to be something Rachel and Lee cherish forever!"
- Brooke Workman

"Many of my friends have asked me for your information this week and are interested in booking you for their affairs.   The painting has been out all week and I love looking at it and seeing new things everytime I pass by." - Robyn Jay

"I had the pleasure of having Joan Zylkin, Philadelphia based artist, paint portraits of my marriage ceremony. It was the perfect way to capture such a special moment and something we will be able to enjoy forever. I highly recommend her, and our guests are still talking about her and how amazing she is"    Olivia Kurtz Meyer

"I had a wedding painter at my wedding and it was one of the best aspects of the whole day. She was set up right at the end of the aisle and really fit into the whole ambience (ground floor of an old mill, baroque chamber group playing, soft uplighting, the sound of running water in the background). She painted the scene while we were saying our vows. Her style is fairly abstract which I love because it really captures the colors and mood of the moment and you can still definitely tell who is who.
It's the single thing that I got the most comments about. Guests loved it. She painted away the whole night. Plus Joan is a fantastic lady and really fun to have around."     
- Clancy Scheid August

“Hi Joan, The website and the paintings are fabulous.  Thank you so much”    
- Sharon Weisbein Glabowski

“You really are very talented and unique”  
- Sharon’s Mom ... and Dad

“Hi Joan! Thank you so much for painting our wedding!   Your pictures are absolutely stunning.     Thanks again!”                     
-  Suzane Hong

“Joan,  First let me say thank you. It was such a pleasure having you at our unforgettable celebration. Everyone thought it was so fantastic that you were there. The whole night I heard excitement from those that had made it in the painting.”   
- Michele Chandler

“Joan:  THANK YOU for the lovely painting that Mark gave me as I left. It was really beautiful. It is still drying on the little stand that I received. I don't feel a need to varnish it.”
- Faith West, Wedding Photographer

“Joan, everyone was talking about you all night long.  You were the event of the evening !  No one had seen anything like it before and when we had told people what you were going to do they couldn’t understand it all until they saw you painting”     
 - Jennifer Esposito

“Joan, thank you so much for the beautiful paintings.  I can’t believe that you did them so quickly ... we were only there for about 10 minutes.  They are now hanging in our most special place, where everyone can see them” .....   
- Kathryn  Farrell